Operation Second Chance gets a visit from Congressman Delaney

 For Immediate Release                                              April 18, 2016

Contacts: Cindy McGrew & Vanessa Toner 301-972-1080


Operation Second Chance gets a visit from Congressman Delaney

Congressman John Delaney stopped by the Operation Second Chance office to learn more about how he can help our nation’s injured veterans.

GERMANTOWN, MD, April 18, 2016— Since 2004 Operation Second Chance, a non-profit organization based in Germantown, MD, has worked tirelessly to provide emergency financial assistance and morale boosting retreats and activities to wounded, injured, and ill post 9/11 combat veterans and their families.  Its President and Founder, Cindy McGrew, saw the need for a ‘grassroots’ organization that would never lose sight of the goal to provide relief for the men and women of our armed forces who have sacrificed so much in the name of freedom.

Nearly twelve years after its inception, Operation Second Chance (OSC) continues to grow.  With the help of community leaders, corporate sponsors, and generous donors, OSC has been able to provide over three million dollars in financial support to wounded veterans.  Through the years, the Operation Second Chance Advisory Board has stood by Cindy to find new ways to garner donations without succumbing to the costly pitfalls of advertisements.  Ensuring that OSC’s overhead remains at 10%, advisory board members like Tom Plant (Paul Davis Restoration), Clark Wagner (Ride Allegheny), Bud Otis (Frederick County Council President), and others have proudly kept to the grassroots mentality and helped share the mission, one person at a time.  Business owners such as Mark Matan (of Matan Inc. a commercial real estate investment firm) have also helped Operation Second Chance to maintain a low overhead by donating the office suite from which they operate daily.


The Congressman’s Visit to Operation Second Chance.  In this photo from left, Walt Ellenberger , Clark Wagner, Congressman Delaney, Cindy McGrew, Tom Plant, Bud Otis, Howard Goldberg, Mark Matan. (Photo taken by Christopher Enders)

“We thought, ‘who better to help tell our story than the congressman over the district where we are headquartered in,” Mr. Plant stated.  Within days of inviting Congressman Delaney to the office, a date was marked on the calendar, and the congressman was excited to learn how OSC has operated with such low overhead all these years.

Members from Ride Allegheny, a group of cyclists who ride 310 miles from Pittsburgh, PA to Gaithersburg, MD to raise funds for OSC, joined the meeting to tell their story of how they got involved with Cindy.  “We started off as a group of neighborhood guys who just wanted to ride, but we realized there was so much more we could do,” said Clark Wagner, “last year we raised $450,000 dollars for Operation Second Chance.”

Upon hearing that “neighborhood guys” brought in $450,000 dollars in donations, the Congressman jumped in on the conversation, eager to learn more of the unique ways Operation Second Chance has received donations for American Veterans.  As the meeting concluded, Congressman Delaney was excited to have had the chance to meet the Operation Second Chance team, as well as the Advisory Board, and offered his commitment to help further the cause.  “I’d even like to ride with you,” said the Congressman, as Clark and the others leapt for a pen to sign him up.

cindy“We are extremely excited to have Congressman Delaney’s help and support,” said President and Founder Cindy McGrew, who is no stranger to recognition from political leaders, having had the chance to meet President George W. Bush when she won the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

“Operation Second Chance is ready for the next level, and with the help of Congressman Delaney, we are sure we can get our story told to a whole new audience,” Cindy concluded.


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