Frederick County Veterans Treatment Court (VTC)

Frederick County Veterans Treatment Court (VTC)

 The Mission

To promote public safety and reduce criminal justice costs by assisting and supporting veterans through a coordinated response in collaboration with the veteran’s service delivery system, community based services, and the court system.

The Goals

1)         Honor veteran participants’ service to our country.

2)         Reduce veteran participants’ criminal recidivism and other court contacts.

3)         Facilitate veteran participants’ sobriety, abstinence and improved behavioral health by recognizing the precipitating factors that may have led them to the judicial system.

4)         Assure available VA benefits and services are accessed by veteran participants and integrate community-based treatment options and services for veteran participants as appropriate.

5)         Increase veteran participants’ compliance with treatment and other court ordered conditions by monitoring and encouraging positive progression through the VTC process in order to return productive, law-abiding citizens to the community.


A VTC seeks to divert eligible Veteran-defendants with substance dependency and/or mental illness (PTSD) that are charged with felony or misdemeanor non-violent criminal offenses, to a specialized court docket.  The court substitutes a treatment problem solving model for traditional court processing.  Veterans are identified though evidence based screening and assessments.  The Veterans voluntarily participate in a judicially supervised treatment plan that a team of court staff, Veteran health care professionals, Veteran peer mentors and mental health care professionals develop with the Veteran.  At regular status hearings, treatment plans and other conditions are reviewed for appropriateness, incentives are offered to reward adherence to court conditions, and sanctions for non-adherence are handed down.  Completion of the program is defined according to specific criteria.  Many will have their charges dismissed upon successful completions and are assured of a non-incarcerative sentence upon completion.

This collaborative effort involves a number of organizations coming together with one goal – what is in the best interest of the Veteran.  The pilot program currently has the Veterans Administration Medical Center’s Justice Outreach Coordinator, Frederick County Health Department, Building Veterans, The Purple Moon Project, Veterans Support Network, MD’s DHMH, and judicial advocates including Judge Scott Rolle, the State’s Attorney’s office, probation officers, defense attorneys and others on board.  This list of supporting players will expand as needs are identified and sources for solutions brought into the mix.

 On Wednesday, October 26, 2016, Frederick County opened its first Veterans Treatment Court docket in Judge Scott Rolle’s Courtroom!  It was a wonderful experience to be part of this inaugural effort.  We are asking for your help.

 Project:  Flags, Challenge Coins and Incentives

 We are in need of the following items to support the VTC:

 Military Flags with poll and base: (Displayed only during VTC proceedings)

Army Flag                             $245.00

Marine Corps Flag              $245.00

Navy Flag                              $245.00

Air Force Flag                      $245.00

Coast Guard Flag                $245.00


Challenge Coins         $1,200 (for 200 coins) (2 coins per Veteran)

 Dog Tags (with inspirational words)   $320 (for 600 dog tags) (6 per Veteran)

To donate, please make checks payable to “Purple Moon Project / VTC Project.”  They will track the donations and pay invoices from a line item in their budget.  They are a non-profit, so any amount donated is tax deductible!  You will also get a letter of confirmation for your donation.

Craig Tyler, Executive Director

The Purple Moon Project, Inc. – 501(c)(3)  (non-profit) organization

PO Box 3093

Frederick, MD  21705





Thank you for partnering to make a difference in the lives of Veterans in need right here in Frederick County.


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