Video Games Helping Military Veterans Heal

Video games have been seen in the past 2 decades as good, bad, and everything in between. With everyone from friends and family, to massive health organizations condoning them, video games have seemed to be a nuisance for all that spend more than an hour playing. However, the impact and vital role they play in... Continue Reading →

OSC Caregiver Programs provide much needed support

I received a FaceTime call the other day, it was a call that I had no idea that I needed, or that it was going to set in motion a most awesome plan among caregiver friends. I want to share this journey with you, a glimpse into the life of a caregiver friend of mine,... Continue Reading →

Veterans Day

Of all the holidays that we celebrate on our yearly calendar …  it is Veterans Day,  perhaps more than any other,  that gets to the very heart and sole of who we are as a people and to the free and comfortable lifestyle we are living. Our forefathers made it very clear that our democracy... Continue Reading →

I am a Veteran Caregiver.

Recently I saw a question that seriously made me chuckle a little. It was a simple “What would you like others to know about being a Veteran Caregiver”? I sarcastically chuckled because it was once again a reminder that the majority of the people in this country truly have no idea what it takes to... Continue Reading →

Tricare – A few things to know

Recently a few caregivers that I know have been having issues with Tricare as well as social security. Here are some things that we learned the hard way. 1. If you have children- the day they turn 18 they are automatically released from Tricare. You will not be told, there will be no letter. The... Continue Reading →

Veterans Benefits When Traveling

When traveling as a Military Veteran can save you lots of money with discounts that are available for you and your family. Have you ever dreamed of visiting a Theme Park for a Vacation but are terrified of the prices? Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida offers Military Promotional Tickets for all active and... Continue Reading →

Caregiver Health

Did you know that being a caregiver could have severe effects on your own health? When I became a caregiver to my husband back in 2006, I was 27. I was young, healthy and a mom to two little girls. We had always been active as a family. When my husband was injured, our world... Continue Reading →

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