Life of a Caregiver -Do Not Lose Yourself to Their Illnesses

I have learned quite a bit from being a Caregiver to a Wounded Warrior for the last 9 years. One of the most important things that I wish someone would have warned me about was to not loose myself in his illnesses. It’s a very unintentional process that seems to happen without even you realizing... Continue Reading →


Summer is Coming!! Summer fun in the DMV.

If you are a parent as well as a caregiver, you know that summer can be a crazy time! Living in the DMV there’s so many things to do to help pass those long summer days. D.C. has tons of free museums, the National Zoo, Six Flags and a train station that can take you... Continue Reading →

Tricare – A few things to know

Recently a few caregivers that I know have been having issues with Tricare as well as social security. Here are some things that we learned the hard way. 1. If you have children- the day they turn 18 they are automatically released from Tricare. You will not be told, there will be no letter. The... Continue Reading →

Veterans Benefits When Traveling

When traveling as a Military Veteran can save you lots of money with discounts that are available for you and your family. Have you ever dreamed of visiting a Theme Park for a Vacation but are terrified of the prices? Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida offers Military Promotional Tickets for all active and... Continue Reading →

Caregiver Health

Did you know that being a caregiver could have severe effects on your own health? When I became a caregiver to my husband back in 2006, I was 27. I was young, healthy and a mom to two little girls. We had always been active as a family. When my husband was injured, our world... Continue Reading →

Are you feeling Patriotic today?

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Make an Impact in a Veterans Life Today!

In the past 24 hours, Operation Second Chance has received 27 ASSISTANCE REQUESTS!!! 27 service members and their families that are facing eviction. 27 families wondering if they are going to have a working vehicle to take their kids to school or get to appointments. 27 veterans who swallowed their pride and asked for help.... Continue Reading →

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